Gau Rakshak supporter stabs a student mistaking him as a journalist in Haryana

Gau Rakshak, Stabs, Student

Another incident related Gau Rakshaks took place in Haryana on Friday when a teenager who was watching the demonstration held by Gau Rakshak Seva Dal in Sonepat was stabbed by one of the supporters of Gau Rakshak.

The demonstration was organized by Gau Rakshak Seva Dal against the cow slaughter in Kerala, last week. The victim was not participating in the demonstration, according to the police.

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The accused Mohit (19), mistook the boy as a journalist because he was carrying a camera of his journalist friend. Mohit asked the victim, Shivam to take a picture, which he denied. The argument broke out between the two and he Mohit stabbed him during the heated argument.

Shivam lodged a complaint with the police an hour later, Mohit was arrested by the police on the charges of attempt to murder.


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