Bastar Police give shelter to children affected by Naxal attacks

Recently, during a search in the Chandameta area of Darbha block in Bastar, police and paramilitary personnel apprehended three minor boys of a village due to their suspicious behaviour.

The boys were taken to the local police station with their families and were later released from police custody. The boys, however, refused to return to their villages.

The minors revealed to police officers how the Naxalites in the area were using the children as shields and informants. Children were instructed to notify the Naxalites about approaching paramilitary forces by exploding firecrackers as signals for Naxalites to hide.

The Naxalites also taught children how to use rifles and make bombs. If the children refused, they would be punished harshly and treated inhumanely.

The three boys will be staying with the police at the Darcha police station. They will be enrolled into a school with all expenses being borne by the police.



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