Royal Enfield announces non-extreme riding event ‘Scramble’

Royal Enfield, Event, Scramble

Royal Enfield is always a step ahead when it comes to hosting events all over the country. The new non-extreme riding event ‘Scramble’ is the latest event in the busy Royal Enfield calender.

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The first leg of the event will be held on June 14 to 18 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The four-day challenge will comprise of obstacles, choices of game theory and it will be a mixture of time-distance-speed based points. Two riders can participate as a team with different men and women category.

“Through our several rides and community initiatives at Royal Enfield, we are constantly nudging our customers to increase their participation in the active pursuit of exploration. With this purpose in our minds, we have introduced Scramble. It is our first non-extreme competitive ride format for our ever growing adventure loving motorcycle community. Strengthening our association with adventure motorcycling, Scramble promises to be a lot of fun especially for participants riding the Himalayan.”  Royal Enfield president said.


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