Man yelling ‘anti-Muslim’ slurs kills two on train in US

A man yelling anti-Muslim slurs stabbed two men to death in a moving train in the US city of Portland, Oregon.

The two were stabbed after they confronted a passenger who was “yelling a gamut of anti-Muslim and anti-everything slurs,” a Portland police spokesman said.

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“It is unclear if he was directing (slurs) at specific people but witnesses told us he may have been targeting two girls described as Muslim, one wearing a hijab. We have not been able to find those girls to verify though,” said Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Simpson further informed that a suspect is in custody.

“This is early stages of the investigation. We do not know if the suspect was drunk, on medication, had mental issues or anything else,” he added.

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The stabbing occurred on a Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) light-rail train. According to witnesses one of the victims was stabbed in the neck.

Portland police said that both the victims died adding that a third passenger who also tried to intervene with the shouting man was injured.


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