Balloon powered internet helping Peru during floods

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Natural disasters like floods, cyclones prove to be catastrophic when it hits. The first thing it knocks down is communication network during the havoc. Thanks to google’s parent company alphabet to innovate the internet source in developing countries by Project Loon.

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Peru is suffering from severe floods since January and new jellyfish type balloon is sent 20Kms up into the stratosphere to provide internet access to the developing country.

Project loon can help to provide uninterrupted access to the internet by floating above the clouds, irrespective of the weather prevailing in the ground below. It floats twice the height of fly zone of airplanes.

“More than 160 GB of data has been sent to people over a combined area of 40,000 square kilometers — that’s roughly the size of Switzerland, and enough data to send and receive around 30 million WhatsApp messages, or 2 million emails,” said Alphabet.

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This innovation could prove to be highly beneficial during catastrophes to help people communicate during emergencies.



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