Six people lynched over the rumors of Child Theft in Jharkhand

Six People, Beaten to Death, East Singbhum, Child Theft,

Six people were brutally beaten to death by the mob in three places on Thursday in Jharkhand. In East Singbhum district, three men were killed over the speculations of stealing children. The raging crowd in the village were out of control and police were outnumbered during the incident.

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The agitated mob dragged three men out of their house and killed them brutally. The mob also attacked the policemen who tried to stop them.

This is the second such incident in this month in Jharkhand, earlier three cattle traders were beaten to death in Saraikela district over child theft.

The rumors are spreading in the region and the villagers are growing furious about the issue. Allegations are circulating about child thief gangs without any evidence in more than six villages around the region, according to the police.

Police cars were also set on fire by the furious mob, according to the reports.


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