Sunanda Pushkar Case: Republic blows Delhi Police investigation to pieces

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Sunanda Death Probe: Shashi Tharoor granted anticipatory bail by Delhi Court

Following up on the Sunanda Pushkar ‘murder’ case, The Republic TV today did another expose. This time to allegedly blow the cover off Delhi Police‘s ‘inept’ investigations. The channel claimed that they had data that was accessed from Delhi Police’s investigation files on the Sunanda Pushkar case.

Presenting a list of 8 points, the channel showed how the Delhi Police had “overlooked” or “deliberately ignored” evidence that helped weaken the ‘murder’ investigation. Several panelists rooted for Sunanda’s suave politician husband, Shashi Tharoor to be taken into custody by the Delhi Police for questioning based on the evidence shown by the channel in the last four days.

Sunanda Pushkar died on 17th January, 2011.

Sunanda’s husband, Shashi, belongs to the Congress Party that was the strongest partner in the coalition ruling India at the time of her death under mysterious circumstances.

Among the points flashed by the channel today were the following, no medicines seized on 18th when police started investigating, some medicines including, Alprax were taken away by the police on the 19th, two days after the death. Also, the mobile phones and laptop were seized days later and the CCTC camera at the Leela Palace hotel was switched off for the next several days starting from one day before Sunanda Pushkar’s death.

Aparantly, the Delhi Police has admitted to the shortcomings in the investigation, Republic reported.

Apart from following the story live on the channel, you can also follow #SunandaNoteOut on Twitter for updates on the go.


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