Show your mom some love this Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and it is a Sunday! You have absolutely zero excuse to not spending the day with your mom.

If you just realized it then don’t panic. Even staying home and doing things with her is enough for your doting mommy. But, I am sure you also want to show your appreciation for her unconditional love by making her feel extra special. Mothers are also humans and crave for our affection just as much as we want theirs. She never forgets your birthdays or anniversaries and is always there for you when you are down and out. From our first day in school to waiting up for you to return from a late night shift or calling you up when you are far away from home just to find out if you have eaten, she never misses an occasion to make you feel special.

So, here are things you can do to make this Mother’s Day special for her.

Surprise Meal

Plan a surprise dinner or a lunch with the family. Speak to everyone who would love to surprise her on this special day including her friends and the neighborhood kids she loves to feed cookies and milk ever since you grew ‘too old’ for them. Book a big table in her favorite restaurant and see her face glow with pleasure and pride for you.


Yes. She is the best cook in the universe but, it is your turn today to let her relax and enjoy your cooking. If you are not too sure of a menu then relax. Tune in to Youtube and check out. There’s no end to ‘inspirational’ ideas if you know how to search. Here’s one with the Bollywood diva, Shilpa Shetty cooking with her mom!

Spa Day

Gift your mother a spa day holiday. She is always on her feet and running around trying to keep everyone happy and fed. She never takes a minute out for herself and never complains. A spa day would be a perfect gift for her to lie down and relax for a few hours but, don’t forget to pick her up and bring her home. In case you want to make it extra special make it a date and book yourself in as well. That way you get to spend some quality time with the most important woman in your life.

Road Trip

Go on a road trip to a nearby destination where you can chat, unwind, eat and do a little sightseeing or shopping before heading home. For those in Delhi, you can plan a trip to the Taj Mahal, Hardwar for an early morning dip, Bharatpur Sanctuary, Vrindawan or Neemrana Fort. From Mumbai, you can drive up to Khandala or Lonavala, Malshej Ghats, Alibagh or just a ferry ride away to Elephanta Caves. You can similarly look up destinations that are near your city and choose. Just ensure that the places you pick have access to restrooms, food and don’t need too much hiking.

Tourist in Your City

If your mother is not the outdoorsy type then, go on a museum trip to your city and reminiscence the times when she used to hold your hands and walk you through those corridors as a child. Follow it up with a comedy or a romantic movie with lots of popcorn and laughter. She’s love you for a day spent doing nothing.

DIY Gifts

If you are a artsy and craftsy kind of person your mom must be your first and most vocal cheerleader. This is the right moment to make something special for her. You want ideas? Head to Pinterest and you are sorted. But, if you are a big YouTube fan, head there and there are no dearth of  great ideas!


What woman does not like shopping? So, on this special day take her out shopping in a nearby Mall and throw in a mani-pedi at her favorite salon. Make her feel like a queen – cherished and show her the LOVE!

Online Shopping

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If you live far away in another city, fret not! You can still make her day special by ordering her favorite books, DVDs or buying subscriptions for her favorite magazines. Don’t forget to book her a dozen roses and the best chocolates to be delivered first thing in the morning. If she loves jewelry, there are plenty of options. Buy her that beautiful watch or dress that you both drooled over when you went shopping last time or the It Bag you saw at a wedding that she gushed over. Everything is just a click away.


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Whatever be your choice of gifts. Don’t forget to personalize it with lots of hugs and kisses. It doesn’t matter how old you are for your mother, you’ll always be her baby!


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