High school dropout becomes billionaire after gaming firm goes public

Bang Jun-hyuk, High school dropout, Billionaire, Netmarble Gaming Corp, IPO, South Korea

Bang Jun-hyuk (48), a high school dropout who was born in a textile factory slum, is a man behind one of the biggest IPO’s (Initial Public Offering) In South Korea. His attitude and hard work towards his company Netmarble Games Corp is inspirational. His company became a global gaming giant by smartphone-oriented games. The shares after IPO raised $2.3 Billion and the company was valued around 13 billion which is even more than LG Electronics Inc.

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While big South Korean companies like Samsung and Hyundai focuses on manufacturing, Bang realized the potential of smartphones early in his career. H e started the company with just 8 employees in the year 2000.

The Netmarble Corp also sealed a deal with a Chinese tech giant Tencent Holding which invested around $500 million back in 2014 to give capital appreciation to the company.

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Bang owns 24.5 percent of Netmarble Games Corp and after his company went public he is valued at $2.9 billion according to a report. Around 3000 employees work in Netmarble Games Corp.




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