Skoda, Volkswagen, and Tata Motors to roll out cars by 2019

Czech car maker Skoda to team up with Tata motors to roll out cars in both economic and luxury segment. Tata motors which were also in plans to collaborate with Volkswagen will start rolling out cars in the market from 2019.

Tata motors have seen a massive drop in demand for passenger vehicles in recent years hopes to grab the domestic car market again in future with the foreign collaboration

Volkswagen too which was in news after emission cheating and has to clean up as many as 11 million cars from the market across it brands such as Audi, Porsche, Skoda if it has to sustain in Indian market on a long run and under these circumstances teaming up with Tata Motors seem to the best interest of the car markers.

Skoda too has to prove its worth in Indian market by manufacturing cars which can suit the needs of Indian buyers. Given to its market share of just 0.5% in India, Skoda still has miles to walk.

Thus, the Indian automobile sector has great expectations from the collaboration.


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