Beware! Petrol Pump operators’ new tactic to fool the customers

A number of people have informed to the NewsMobile team about a new tactic adopted by the petrol pump owners and operators to fool the consumers.

Earlier we reported on 28th April 2017  how several petrol pumps were using special chip boards that were dispensing 950 ml of petrol for every 1000 ml in the same price, thereby robbing their customers.

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This new method, however, involves no technology, rather a very clever tactic by the petrol pump operators. A number of our readers informed that this was being practiced by the Petrol pump operators on the Golf Course Road

As is the general practice while filling fuel in your vehicle, the operator reminds you to check the ‘zero’ just before filling the fuel. Nowadays, as more and more people are choosing to pay via debit cards, the pump operator are using it as a tactic to fool the customer. Read on….

As soon as the first pump operator reminds you to check the ‘zero’, the second pump operator pops up at your window with the card machine for making the online payment, thereby creating a diversion. As you got distracted and begin entering your card details to make the payment, the first pump operator tampers with the meter behind your back.

Now, as you leave the petrol pump assured of making a valid purchase, the operators have robbed you of your valueable money. Just imagine the scope of this fraud with every other card holder being fooled.

NewsMobile appeal to its readers to be aware at all times while refueling your vehicle and make sure that if events are happening in the above-mentioned manner, you are not being fooled.




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