Ways to a better sleep

People almost all over the world are majorly sleep deprived; most of us don’t get enough sleep. At the same time, doctors are concerned just how essential sleep is for human health.

Although we all know that 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary, it’s not always that easy to get that. Here are some sleep tips which may prove useful to all of us.

Be consistent
One of the most important thing is that we must fix a time for our sleep and consistently follow that everyday.That ways we make our body use to sleeping everyday forming a daily pattern.

Cut down on alcohol

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It is rather a myth that experts say that alcohol helps you to sleep better.Many people believe this too. But its not absolutely untrue. Alcohol fragments your sleep.

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Find out a way to know how much sleep you need

The simple way to find out if you need more sleep is when you are given the opportunity, and you sleep in more than your usual time . Now that s a clear indication that  you’re not getting enough sleep, So if you typically get seven hours of sleep of night, but on vacation you sleep way more than that, that’s you would know your body needs more sleep and is being sleep deprived.

Indulge in technology

Much contrary to the belief of people tech isn’t always the enemy of sleep-especially when it comes to gadgets that track your sleep. Fitbit, is quite useful and provides people with sleep-tracking technology.

Mobiles before bed isn’t always an enemy to sleep. Sometimes it helps in enhancing your sleep. I agree that use of technology is way to much .As long as tablet or phone is relaxing, it’s not so bad.
It is critical that we have a hard time limiting the amount of time we all spend on our cell phones, but keeping an eye on phones help young people get better sleep each night.

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Do something that relaxes you


WE must find a way to relax our mind. For some people reading a book can be a form of relaxation while for other a glass of warm milk can be very soothing to the mind. Some might find it easy to dose off to the sound of television. Each mite have their unique way. Figure a way out and just indulge.


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