Plan your vacation the smart way


Vacations with your family are the most awaited part of the year.The planning of the vacation , packing etc have their own excitement. Everything has been ready according to you.The kids feel most elated while planning the vacations. Everyone is brimming with anticipation for the unseen surprise and fun awaiting them. And you want to make sure that things would go in a smooth way and are looking forward to an enjoyable stay. However, be sure to prepare a checklist before hand and stick to it till the last moment. That would save you from future troubles and tensions of having missed something back at home while you desperately need it at your hotel. Given below are important tips to keep in mind while planning a family vacation.



Vacations are the time to create memories and experience delightful things. The entire fun of the vacation can be captured for a lifetime in the absence of a camera. Your phone camera might be a good buddy of yours. But if it doesn’t offer high-resolution pictures, then you are likely to repent later of not having brought your camera along on the trip. So be wise and travel all geared up to make and store memories.

Keep money safely and sensibly


You need not keep stacks of cash while traveling. Instead, go for credit cards.Never keep the stack of notes tucked in one corner of your suitcase or ladies bag . Distribute your money in different pieces of luggage. Doing so, you would prepare yourself for the worst that could happen.Mishaps happen sometimes when we travel. We misplace our purse or our luggage is left behind by the airlines. Always be alert while traveling. Inform your kids too about some of the hiding places where you intend to keep the cash. In a case of emergency, they would know as well where to look up for money if you do not happen to be around. It’s always advisable to take all sorts of precautions and measures. The idea is not to scare but to be alert you.



A small kit of first aid box and basic medicines like paracetamol, aspirin etc. is a must to be included in your luggage. Medicines for the kids are a must. Some of us suffer from motion sickness as well, especially while traveling via cars to the mountainous and circling roads of hill stations. They tend to turn nauseous and vomit all throughout.Throat medicines and anti-allergies can be yet another issue while you are on a vacation.

Weather forecast


It might be extremely hot in the place that you are currently staying in and the place where you plan to go on a family vacation might be freezing.Woolens need to be packed sensibly. Keep a track the daily temperature and weather a week before of the place that you are supposed to go would be a wise thing to do.That would give you a fairly good idea about the prevailing climatic condition of the place.Weather forecasts wold sure for rescue.Pack your clothes way in advance, do not leave it for a day or two before of your departure you might land up missing a lot otherwise.

Hotel reservations


Make advance reservations if possible. There is a lot of websites offering you online bookings in hotels of the places you plan to spend your holidays.Various websites have various deals. Be smart and make use of them. Make a budget and stick to your budget. Select the hotel wisely where you would be staying with your family. If not comfortable making reservations online, then go for the alternative. You can make use of travel agents.Opt for reliable travel agents.Prevably choose a hotel that is near to a local market place with good eateries and chemist shop around.

Research the destination


Taking a holiday package is convenient, but might be costlier in some cases. Instead, if you have time and are ready for some research, building your own trip can be both fun and exciting. Even if you are availing of a tour package, knowing about the place you are traveling to is a must, especially, when you are in a foreign land and don’t have a travel agent at your service.

A lot of the airlines offer online services, booking an air ticket should not be a difficult task. If you are traveling alone and are not picky about room service, staying in a hostel can also be a good way to bring down your accommodation costs. Also, try to find a hotel room with kitchenettes and services like complimentary breakfasts, happy-hour buffet lunches, free spa and gym facility, etc., to save on these expenses. Invest in a good travel guidebook.
Another advantage of knowing about the place you are visiting is that you can give the expensive sight-seeing tours a miss and make your own itinerary. One of the best ways of going about it is visiting the country’s official tourism website and read their recommendations. One more way to save a few a bucks is buying multi-day or multiple passes/coupons to places of tourist attractions.


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