Need to sort out your marriage? App at service

You Can Fix your fight
New Delhi [India], April 28: When the whole world is completely dependent on technology, then why to worry about the problems in a marriage.
The apps will do the job for you and save the marriage!

Fix a Fight allows you to not just patch up after a nasty fight with your partner, but also allows you to be really open and honest with them. This is a must-have app that every married couple should invest in. When the fight is too personal and matters too serious that you wouldn’t even want to share them with your best friend or your mom, a third party way of looking at things is just what is needed and that’s why Fix a Fight is so important!

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Kindu ist he perfect cure for wedlock boredom. When you have been in a marriage for a very long time, it can be really difficult to keep up the interest in sex. Partners often take the other’s need for granted – this app is designed to help both of you figure out exactly where you are sexually and for both of you to revive that spark in your marriage. Kindu allows your imagination to run wild and for your partner to know where your head is at.


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