Opposition up in arms against Modi on ‘internal security’ issues

Border Security Force, BSF, Naxal, Chhattisgarh, Pankhajur
Border Security Force, BSF, Naxal, Chhattisgarh, Pankhajur

New Delhi: Amid Monday’s ghastly naxal attack on the CRPF jawans in Sukma, Chaittasgarh, opposition fires salvo at Modi government for its ‘failure in ensuring internal security’ in the country.

One of the strong advantages of demonetization touted by the Modi government was it would curtail the fund flow to the Naxals, that would weaken their strength.

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But yesterday’s incident which killed 25 CRPF jawans proved that this theory is not practical enough on the ground. The Naxals are still strong and kicking.

Manish Tiwari of Congress says “ The govt was extremely imbecile if they thought that Demonetization was a solution to left wing extremism . Whosoever came up with this theory actually go and see a skit.”

He adds “ It was absolutely ill- conceived , ill- though theory and the PM must hold whosoever made that statement to account”.

The government has taken up this Maosist attack as a challenge. Home minister Rajnath singh who has reached Raipur this morning to pay his tribute to the martyrs, says that “ nobody will be spared , we have taken up this as a challenge”

But the ground reality is a bit stark. The CRPF is directionless ,without a Director General for months.

Taking to Twitter, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury also wondered on whom the onus of the incident lies and called for fixing political responsibility for the security “failure”.

“Today’s tragedy also calls for political responsibility and public accountability. Will we see anyone own this failure? “CRPF is without a DG: the govt is clearly unconcerned about internal security, whether it be Kashmir or goons killing in the name of cow (sic),” he said on the micro- blogging site.


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