Elon Musk planning to link brains and computers in next four years

Linking imagination with technology, Tesla motors CEO Elon Musk, is planning to link human brain and computers in his company named Neural lace to develop a new language ‘concensual telepathy’ in next four years.
Neuralink has already been registered in California as ‘medical research’ company last year. The technology looks straight out of fiction movies like the matrix.

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Elon Musk claims this technology can overcome several problems. The technology named ‘Neura-lace’ will implant tiny brain electrodes that could later upload and download thoughts.
Neuaralink aims to launch the product keeping in mind to help people with brain disorders and serious injuries.

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Musk also said that “It could help people to fight with God like robots in future. It will also increase the power of the brain”, he added.


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