Dhanush wins paternity case against couple claiming to be his real parents

Dhanush,Madras high court
South Indian actor Dhanush today won the distressing paternity battle where an elderly couple claimed to be his biological parents. The Madurai bench of the Madras high court dismissed the petition of Kathiresan and Meenakshi who sought a monthly maintenance of 65,000 rupees by the actor.

The couple in their statement said that he is their third son who ran away from the home to pursue his career in movies when he was in class 11. As a proof, they produced a class 10 certificate which listed his identification mark.

After the claim, the Madras high court directed Rajinikanth’s son-in-law to appear before it on February 28th, 2017. The actor, however, declined the submission and termed it a ploy to extract money from him. Said that he requested the case to be quashed calling it false. All these years, the actor named filmmaker Kasturi Raja as his biological father though the couple said that the latter accepted him as his son only after his he achieved stardom. They also claimed that prior to Dhanush’s success, he used to work as a maid in the filmmakers household.

The court suggested a DNA test to simplify the case. Also, it asked the actor to appear in person on February 28th to confirm his personal identification mark. Kathiresan showed concern about the actor disfiguring his identification mark.
The court questioned doctors about the validity of removing moles and scars with the latest technology to which they confirmed that scars are permanent. When Dhanush underwent the medical examination to verify his identification marks, the result came out negative proving the couple wrong.


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