How to beat the intense heat this summer!

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It is just April and the sun is burning like a big ball of fire. New Delhi has already recorded its hottest day of April in 7 years which stand at 43 degree Celsius with the capital and other states reeling under heat waves. Those stepping outside for their day to day work can understand that how the horrid heat is impacting their health. There was a time when we all used to love summers and wait for it to come but now all we can do is find ways to protect ourselves from it. From the basics to the things you still don’t know, we present you a list of things should tick mark before braving the sun waiting for you outside.

Increase your fluid intake
This is the first thing you should do. From water to fruit juices, coconut water, milkshakes—include them all in a large amount. Your body tends to lose a lot of water in the form of sweat. By taking ample liquid, you can give back what it lost.

Check your food intake
We understand that you are a foodie but when the temperature rises, you need to make it a habit of not gorging into a big share of food. Make it a point to eat light frequently in small quantity. Also, people who are die-hard non-vegetarian lovers should cut back on red meat.Cover your head
This is mandatory when stepping out. The harsh sun rays directly hitting your scalp can be disastrous for you. Always wear a cap or carry an umbrella. Also, stop complaining about the brands fooling you to buy their product and grab a sunscreen with a high SPF for daily use. This will ease your skin and shield you from the UV rays. In case you get burnt from the sun, have some green tea or have a spoonful of onion juice.

No tight clothes
Fashion should never clash with comfort. When you are sweating and wearing something tight, you are no way doing anything good to your body. Summer is for light and comfortable clothes. Add accessories of your choice if you are scared to sport a loose fit look.

Stay indoors as much as possible
This is not relevant when you are working, we know that. But you can reach your destination before the sun starts roasting you. Avoid going out between 10 am to 5:30 pm, if possible.

So, go ahead and say hi to the sun but make sure you take the precautions so that you are not down just after few moments.


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