World’s best Eco-friendly resort will put conventional resorts to shame

On the occasion of Earth day, has come up with the list of best Eco-friendly resorts which can cater all traveler’s luxury needs. Boroka Downs, Halls Gap, Australia has been named as the best Eco-friendly resort in the globe. Travelers fear that being Eco-friendly means giving up some of the luxurious amenities, but they could be proved entirely wrong buy this ultra-sustainable luxurious resort.

Boroka Downs

This Australian resort has hot tubs powered by solar energy, showers with efficient shower heads. The resort also uses Solar backup for electricity and have huge windows for stargazing. There is a huge water tank to store rainwater.
The resort lies in the dense Grampian National Park with stunning ecology surrounding the resort. They resort grows its own organic vegetables to eat healthy food served in Boroka Downs. A guest can take down a tour in the jungles to appreciate the pure beauty of nature.

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Boroka Down-outdoor-space-476179-7-full
There are initiatives taken by the resort for in the neighbouring environment as their part to the environment. The retreat is ongoing various initiatives like recycling programme with the help of the guests if they want to volunteer. They try to source local products if possible. Planting program and management of water system which is 100% self-sufficient.

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Boroka Downs
Ecotourism is a new resort business which is appreciated by both, the traveler and the host and the best part is the contribution to nature.


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