Shimla can be a quick stress buster in this summer weekends

Shimla, lakes, climate, mountains
Shimla, lakes, climate, mountains

Shimla is place of beautiful lakes, breathtaking sceneries, Mesmerizing climate and snow covered mountains. Nobody can take their eyes off the alluring and endearing beauty of this place.  Shimla’s air can make everyone fall in love with it! Have a look at the places you can visit in Shimla:


1. Summer Hill


It is located 5 kms. from the famous ridge of Shimla. It offers beautiful greenery and breathtaking view from the top. Summer hill is also a part of the 7 hills that make Shimla, so it is sure to leave you overwhelmed by its beauty.

2. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies


The building was built in the time when British were in India. The building is a classical architectural design with proficient fire proofing system.  A visit into the institute is actually a walk through the modern Indian history.

3. Annandale


This place is a home for number of adventurous sports that includes racing, golf etc. Golf lovers would be extremely happy visiting this place as there is a special race course for the golf lovers. It also serves as a helipad and offers incredibly beautiful sceneries of its meadows.

4. Jakhoo hill


This is the highest peak in Shimla, this hill is 8000 feet high and is a major tourist attraction spot. This is a temple for ‘Nature Lovers’. It is almost a short trek for adventure seekers.

5. The Scandal Point, Ridge


It is the most popular platform in Shimla. It is a complete treat to the mountain lovers. Apart from the breath taking view, this place is also home to the famous Tudor library. The platform offers marvellous spectre of sunset and sunrise.

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