When two Rasgullas called off the wedding in Uttar Pradesh

Kurmapur village, Lucknow, weddings
Kurmapur village, Lucknow, weddings

There have been various bizarre instances when we have seen a wedding gets called off.  From Ice Cream shortage to chicken biryani being served instead of mutton! all were the reasons behind failed weddings.

Please pardon me saying this but see for yourself. But, this reason of calling off a wedding is not only bizarre but also super hilarious. This top the list.

A wedding in Kurmapur village, Lucknow was called off over Rasgullas! Unbelievable right?

The groom’s baraat was welcomed at the bride’s house with all the customs. Since it was late, the groom’s father requested that dinner be served as soon as the functions were concluded.

The bride’s relative at the sweet stall was instructed to serve only one rasgulla per baraati but when the groom’s cousin served himself two, it created a problem. And then began all the ruckus.

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Turning into a  wedding venue looked like a battlefield where food fight ensued. The bride watched the whole episode from her balcony and was angry to see her father get beaten up so she decided to call off the wedding.

The case was registered in the local police station and cops are investigating the matter.

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