Kashmir situation intensifies results in suspension of mobile internet services

Kashmir Valley, Ministry of Home Affairs
Kashmir Valley, Ministry of Home Affairs

The tension in the Kashmir Valley triggered and as a result, there is a sudden suspension of mobile internet services. The situation led the officials to order a shutdown of 3G and 4G services until further notice and a closure of universities, colleges and higher secondary schools in Kashmir on April 18.

According to the report, officials said the clampdown on the internet was triggered by worries that the armed forces were being portrayed “in poor light”.

The development follows videos showing Army personnel using a civilian as a “human shield” and alleged threats from militants to local politicians. Unidentified Ministry of Home Affairs officials told media,  that paramilitary personnel have been directed to use plastic bullets before resorting to the controversial pellets against stone-pelting protestors.

Local reports had claimed that at least 54 students sustained injuries during clashes outside Degree College in South on April 15.

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