These Craziest adventures will make your Russia trip worthwhile

These Craziest adventures will make your Russia trip worthwhile
These Craziest adventures will make your Russia trip worthwhile

If you are a voracious traveller and you love adventure, you should try out these amusements when you are in Russia next time.

  1. Taking a dip in an Ice Hole


Taking a swim in a hole in the ice in the middle of winter! So if you enjoy taking contrasting showers or want to give your body a healing “shock,” jump right into the freezing-cold water!

Remember to follow some beginner’s tips, so as not to catch a cold. The most important thing is to be in good health and have the desire and determination to dive into an ice hole. You must also bring along warm clothes to change into and some friends – it’s not a good idea to swim on your own.

2. Riding a Centrifuge


If you dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child or enjoy extreme sensations, a centrifuge used for training future space explorers could be the perfect idea of fun for you.

3. Flying into the Stratosphere


After a medical examination and a detailed briefing, you will be able to undergo an entire set of aerobatics manoeuvres on an MIG-29 plane, including a loop-the-loop, a barrel roll and even an inverted flight. Of course, in the absence of years of training, you can only participate as a passenger.

The plane rises to an altitude of 22 kilometres (about 14 miles), where you can catch a distant view of the Earth and get a glimpse of space – endless and forever enigmatic.

4. Milking a Cow


Russian “tourist farms” are located in suburban villages near the metropolises of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The most promising experience offered by farmers, apart from riding in a tractor, hay-making and wood chopping is the opportunity to milk a cow.

5. Riding a Tank


Other options include tank races, historical reconstructions, daily rentals and the opportunity to feel like an action-movie hero. Of course, you can also just take a simple excursion on a fully operable mission-capable tank.

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