Mallya airlifted from London, sleuths make him travel economy class to Delhi

Vijay Mallya, the controversial Indian Business tycoon returned to India, all thanks to the Indian Secret Services. This happened days after there were no takers for his properties in the auctions conducted on the orders of Supreme Court.

The Indian Government had been trying for a long time now to persuade the British Government for deporting the ‘Defaulter’ Vijay Mallya on criminal grounds. And it looks like the efforts really paid off as British Government agreed to bundle Mallya.


In a joint operation conducted by the Indian and British secret agencies on the morning of March 31, Mallya was caught in his luxurious penthouse in London. Completely unaware of the raid being conducted, Mallya was reported wearing his bath robes when he was arrested by a joint team.

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He was then ‘Airlifted’ from his penthouse to the Heathrow International Airport, from where he was finally put in the row 32 economy class of Air India flight from London Heathrow to Delhi.

* (The report for entertainment purposes only, Happy April fools day, only intended for fun, please take in that spirit and share this )


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