This role reversal picture of Tendulkar and Sonu Nigam goes viral; look why

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Indians simply loves cricket and Bollywood and now, a picture of two veterans of their respective fields,  one holding a cricket bat and other a microphone, has gone viral.

A movie buff took to twitter and revealed a picture which has cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar with a microphone and popular singer Sonu Nigam with a bat.

The picture has raised the curiosity of the people and, everyone is wondering what the two celebrities are up to.

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While the actual reason behind the role reversal is not known yet, buzz has it that the pic is for a promotional video for the upcoming movie, Sachin: A Billion Dreams, which is expected to hit the cinemas soon.

Even Sachin took to Twitter to share the picture. His caption further confused their fans. He wrote – @sonunigam ?????

Well, does this mean that the much-awaited movie is coming soon? We’ll soon know.

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