Look who offered Stephen Hawking a seat on a commercial space flight

Legendary British cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking, famous for his theory on black holes, has been offered a seat on Richard Branson’s commercial space flight, Virgin Galactic to travel into space.


In an interview the professor said that he thought that nobody would ever ask him to leave  Planet Earth but “Richard Branson has offered me a seat on Virgin Galactic, and I said yes immediately”.

Hawking’s affection for the space exploration is not new to the world, and during the interview, he highlighted his love for outer space saying “my three children have brought me great joy – and I can tell you what will make me happy, to travel in space”.


Virgin Galactic earlier had planned to send humans into space on commercial spaceflights in 2011 but the plans were shelved due to few technical glitches.

During the interview, the 75-year-old scientist also joked about US President Donald Trump saying he might not be welcome in the US.

“I would like to visit the US but fear that I might not be welcomed. Also, his (Donald Trump) priority will be to satisfy his electorate who are neither liberal nor that well-informed,” said Hawking.


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