Holi delicacy now in designer style… Slruuupppp!!!

HoliX ThandaiX followed by Gujiyas

Say Holi and the first thing that comes to mind is Thandai, followed by Gujiyas. Indian festivals, in general, revolve around food and indulging in delicacies that are often specific to occasions. But did you know you can give an exciting twist to regular Holi recipes and make them a lot more fun?

Holi food that gives a designer twist to the regulars!!

1. Gujiyas


Let go of the good old coconut stuffing and make room for melted chocolate with paneer. Add to that your favorite dry fruits (even dried figs and seedless dates) and voila!

To give the Gujiyas a healthy makeover, bake them instead of frying.

2. Malpua


Make this sugar syrup coated sweet dish into a fancy base, topped with seasonal fruits and a dollop of Rabri as the crown. Your friends will have a hard time guessing what hit them when they eat this unique delicacy.

Malpuas can be made healthier by using multi-grain flour instead of plain flour. Eat guilt free!

3. Thandai

Don’t let calorie-counts stop you from indulging in a few extra glasses of Thandai. Substitute sugar with honey and you could even use low-fat milk. To make it a children-friendly drink, use a delicious peanut butter topping. Yummy!

If you want to give the Thandai a modern make-over, make Thandai flavored mousse. Those who have tasted it, swear by its heavenly oomph!

4. Gajar ka Halwa

Get the humble sesame chikki squares and top it with a spoonful gajar halwa, like a canape. It makes for an irresistible quick-pick when friends come over to wish you a happy holi!

To make your Gajar Halwa with a touch of nutrition, add some granola cereals to it. The health food lends a dose of healthy energy to the sweet dish along with giving it a nice finish and texture too.

5. Kheer


Make kheer with broken wheat (dalia) instead of rice. Dalia is full of fiber and vitamins and hence more nutritional. Replace sugar with melted jaggery for a better flavour and a more wholesome and healthier recipe. It also means that you can have an extra bowl of kheer without thinking twice about over-indulging.

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