Holi’ Cow! It’s that time of the year!

Oh well, it’s that time of the year. Wake up to the baritone tune of Rang Barse. Forget the shower. Watch the colours flood the skyline, rainbows everywhere. People revelling, singing, drinking, dancing, bright and beautiful. Faces, unrecognisable. Smile and a neat line of teeth in between a myriad of colours would greet others. It gets wet, it gets wild, it gets dirty. But then, do all of us like Holi? Some of us love it, some of us hate it. Some of us are, well, plain indifferent. As the nation paints itself in blobs of colours, NewsMobile takes a look at the different kinds of people that exist during Holi.

The ‘Rang Rang Rangeela’ Breed

This breed circles the Holi dates on its calendars. These people can’t help but unleash the mischievous little kid inside them, whose eyes twinkle even from the coloured face that distracts people from everything. They’re equipped with their water balloons, that land with a thud on the unsuspecting victim’s carefully targeted dress. Their weaponry also has stocks of pichkaris, which allow the Holi warriors to hit the bull’s eye, every time. Their motto is spare no one. They like the world to be a colourful place. From songs to bhang, their resources never let them down. Everyone is their friend and they are generous with the colours.

The ‘Gandi Baat’ Breed

People belonging to this category don’t just stick to the colours. They get creative and play around with anything they can lay their hands on. Yes, the rotten eggs, yuck-oozing tomatoes, grease, pristine black water from the nearest and best gutter around all make their way into these people’s armoury. They go for paints, markers and anything that plays hardball when it comes to removing them. Let them peel their skin off, seems to be the mantra that these people swear by.

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The ‘Nahi Nahi, Abhi Nahi’ Breed

These are the shy ones. They enjoy watching all the craze happening on the roads from the safe fort of their balconies, but never venture out. They’re scared. When the doorbell rings, they find their own little burrows to hide in. The don’t go anywhere near the colours. They take their showers in time, dress in neat clothes and cheat the call of Holi, every single time. When caught, they come up with weird excuses that range from “I’m not well”, to “We are mourning” and even “We are not supposed to play Holi according to our customs”.

The ‘Khamosh!’ Breed

They radiate anger from 5 miles away. Mention Holi and be ready to earn their wrath. For them, it’s a supposed waste of money, gross business and littering. Go near them with colours and burn in hell. They go to office, in ironed clothes and neat shoes. If you happen to even lay a speck of colour on them, die. There and then. They despise it and proudly put it on display!!


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