Old WhatsApp ‘Status’ makes a comeback

WhatsApp has faced a considerable amount of backlash and criticism from users ever since it launched the new ‘WhatsApp Status’ ‘feature. The company has been flooded with users accusing copying Snapchat and Instagram and removing the original WhatsApp ‘Status’.


Respecting the customer feedback, the company is planning to bring the old version of ‘Status’ back but the point to be noted is that this does not mean that WhatsApp will remove the new Snapchat-like disappearing ‘Status’ update feature.

The ‘Info’ section is available as a hidden feature on the beta version of WhatsApp and has been introduced in the extended menu above the ‘Settings’ option on Android devices. Tapping that button will bring the users to the original ‘Status’ menu which has been renamed to ‘Info’.


The modifications have been added to the ‘Profile’ section too and the ‘Info’ has been added back to the profile. Also, the company had previously renamed the Old status to ‘Tagline’. Another interesting thing is that the company seems to have rolled out the message ‘revoke’ feature that we previously reported.


WhatsApp developers have renamed the feature to ‘Unsend’ from the previous name of ‘Revoke’. This option is available in the three dot menu on the top right corner when you long press to select a message. On tapping the ‘Unsend’ message button, WhatsApp will ask you to confirm if you wanted to ‘Unsend this message?’ On confirmation, the message that you sent turns into ‘This message was unsent’.

The feature is not enabled from WhatsApp servers so this does not reflect on the other side, but this points out that the feature is set to rollout for everyone in near future.


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