Oscars learn from Steve Harvey: LaLaLand Announced winner instead of Moonlight

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The Oscars seem to be learning from Steve Harvey, the host of Miss World who announced the wrong winner. In what can only be called a rather stunning upset in the Hollywood word, the Academy announced La La Land as the winner for the best motion picture instead of the original winner – Moonlight.

La La Land, starring Ryan Gosselling and Emma Stone, made noise in the industry as they starred in a movie that critics said the likes of which are not made anymore. The musical about the lives of two struggling artists took the world by storm as it matched the record number of maximum nominations made to movie in different categories. After winning about five awards in different categories, the team of the movie was undoubtedly excited for the final award of the night. Well errors happen and this was an error nonetheless. However one could not help but contain their laughter when La La Land announced as the winner was a mistake, and all of us were thrownback to Steve Harvey’s best moments announcing the right names. Here’s what transpired in the final minutes of the show:

10.47am: And with that mistake, it’s the end of Oscars 2017! Thank you for staying with us.
10.43am: WHOA WHOA WHOA! Not La La Land, Moonlight wins the Best Picture this year. That makes it six Oscars for La La Land.
10.36am: The Best Picture Oscar goes to La La Land. The film has won seven Oscars this year!
10.23am: The Best Actress this year, according to The Academy, is Emma Stone for La La Land.
10.17am: Up next is the award for the Best Actor. The Oscar goes to Casey Affleck for Manchester By The Sea.
10.11am: The Best Directing Oscar is for Damien Chazelle for La La Land. With that, La La Land has now picked up five Oscars!


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