This Guy Got 2000 APPLICANTS For A V-Day Date!

Recently, a story went viral about a guy who posted on Facebook asking for a Valentine’s date. He said that he will give the recipients phones and take them out to an expensive date. While most thought of this man to be a troll and definitely made fun of him, reportedly, he got a whopping 2000 applications for his V Day Date.

While the original post has been taken down by the user, here’s a glimpse of what it said.

Who want to be my Valentine?
Dinner at Oberoi, Gurgaon.
iPhone 7 (Brand new of your choice)
Memorable moments.
Checkout my profile below, and if you are interested, comment me or message me.
You can add me on FB here
– Entrepreneur
– Audi A4
– @pic yes it’s the sky bar 63rd floor (from hangover 2)
– Pet friendly
– 160CM
– 55KG
Fun fact:-
– 2 person who said I’m beautiful. My mom and James Blunt.
– Used to be fat, got fitter now. Shows dedication.
– Can eat a 12″ pizza by myself.
– Sweet talker, able to convince a 100kg lady that she looks like Taylor Swift.
I can:-
– Make you laugh at anytime
– Answer rocket science queries
I won’t:-
– Gamble
– Drink


Shakul received an overwhelming response to his post with over 2000 applicants and he even had a team to narrow it down to the best five!




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