Battle For States: NewsMobile Reality Check in Aligarh

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UP elections are a political event that will set the tone for the coming elections. With the new Akhilesh-Rahul alliance and the extensive BJP campaign, what may happen in the time to come in the Battle for India will be influenced by the outcome of this election.

We at NewsMobile took a closer look at the Ground Realities of the state and ask students of AMU and residents of the city what they feel like. The communities share a heavily polarised political opinion with most Muslims in favour of Akhilesh and most Hindus in favour of the BJP.

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A lot of the respondents are confident in the ability of the Akhilesh – Rahul alliance for they feel that young politicians have the potential to get UP on the right track for progress. The BJP supporters feel that the Modi administration has already done great goods for the nation, so it is rather obvious that BJP will do good for UP.

The primary issues that the people feel need to be addressed are that of women security and education in the state and feel that regardless of the party coming to power, these issues are of prime importance to the state.

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However, one thing can be said with certainty, which is that nothing in this election can be said with certainty. The voters of either party are loyal to their respective choices and there are not voters in the state that are not sure of their voting preferences. Every citizen is sure of his or her political choices and hopes for a better future of the state, and the nation.


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