Embassy of Israel issues Israeli-Delhi Partnership for a cleaner Yamuna

A police commando walks on a pontoon bridge laid in the waters of the Yamuna river to reach the venue of World Culture Festival on the banks of the river in New Delhi, India, March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

The Embassy of Israel in India issued a press release today welcoming the Israeli-Delhi partnership in the cleaning of Yamuna in Delhi.

The Delhi Government and Ayala Water and Ecology Ltd. will focus on a stretch of 8 kilometers which drains into the Yamuna River as an initial step towards cleaner water and a cleaner environment. This Israeli firm has already partnered with other Indian cities like Hyderabad and Chennai to provide Israeli technologies to address challenges related to water and ecology.

On the joint partnership in Delhi, Ambassador Daniel Carmon said, “I commend the Israeli company Ayala Water & Ecology on their work in India, now reaching New Delhi. Addressing the challenges of water and environment is a challenge India and Israel both share I am proud to see this partnership in action.”

He added, “As we celebrate 25 years of growing partnership, we are glad to Israeli technology integrated into government initiatives for the benefit of the Indian citizen. This is another example of the multifaceted partnership between India and Israel.”

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