Ways to make love to your partner without having sex

X sexual intercourseX relationships
X sexual intercourseX relationships

There are ways to make love without having sexual intercourse while sharing emotional intimacy. Stimulating the mind can be just as much of an aphrodisiac as the act of sex itself. In relationships we require connections on many levels.

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Here are 5 ways to make love to your partner out of the box:

Build a strong relationship


Good relationships don’t just happen over night. They require mutual love, trust and respect. The act of allowing and acceptance is a beautiful bond in human sexuality. Feeling safe is foreplay. When you know your partner has your back and your best intentions you feel happy.

Connect through food  habits


There is something arousing when someone you love cooks for you. To have a meal prepared with love is a true turn on. Women love men who cook. And it is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Even if you cannot cook, just picking out a meal at a restaurant and enjoying the moment together is enough to feel good.

Relate with similar activities together


Finding ways to interact outside of the bedroom is romantic. You can hike in the rain, chase a sunset, or take an art class in town. Make time to do the things that you like to do alone and share them with your partner. Teach each other new things.

Open up your desires and nightmares


Be courageous with one another about those things that scare you. To fully give of yourself to another requires the expansion of vulnerability. It forces you to put down your walls and give all of yourself.

Affectionate towards each other


Cuddling, kissing, snuggling and hugging are all forms of physical connections that are needed in relationships. There are also ways of mentally stimulating your partner with a love letter, a handmade note, or just a post-it note on a mirror. Sending a sweet playful text during the day creates a feeling of sentimental devotion.

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