This is the world’s most expensive saree sold for Rs. 40 Lakh!

Saree is the most beloved thing a woman would choose to wear after her marriage, she would like to choose the most expensive one for a nice occasion but this saree is the world’s most expensive, which every female will think a lot before purchasing.


It was sold for Rs. 3,931,627 on 5 January 2008. It is made of pure Silk and features paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. The main image is a reproduction of Varma’s famous ‘Galaxy of Musicians’ and it took a total of 4760 man-hours to produce it.

The list of ingredients use to make this saree are:

1. Gold 59 gms 700 milli grams
2. Diamond 3 carats 913 cents
3. Platinum 120 milli grams
4. Silver – 5grams
5. Ruby 2 carat 985 cent
6. Emerald 55 cent
7. Yellow sapphire – 3 cent
8. Sapphire – 5 carat
9. Cat eye-14 cent
10. Topaz 10 cent
11. Pearl-2 gms
12. Coral-400 milligrams


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