‘Hope Donald Trump Imposes Visa Ban On Pakistan’: Imran Khan

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, on Sunday, said he hopes US President Donald Trump imposes visa restrictions on Pakistan as he believes that the move would help Pakistanis develop their own country.

“It is being heard that Pakistanis may face US visa restriction. I pray that Trump also stops visas for Pakistanis as I believe that it will help us develop our own country.

Besides, we will also give him (Trump) Iran-like response… (not allowing Americans here in Pakistan,” Imran said while addressing a party rally in Sahiwal, some 250km from Lahore.

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Taunting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for going abroad for treatment, Imran said, “Nawaz Sharif goes abroad even for the treatment of headache. If the US imposes ban (on Pakistanis) he too will focus Pakistan and develop it.”

Talking about Indo-Pak ties, Mr Khan said, “I want to remind (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi that every Pakistani is not coward like Nawaz Sharif. We are peaceful nation and even in India majority does not want war with Pakistan.”

He also criticised Mr Sharif for hiding behind his children to cover up his corruption.

“I feel sympathy for Maryam Nawaz because her father (Nawaz Sharif) has brought her forward to hide his own corruption in Panama case,” he said and vowed to fight against Sharif family’s corruption till his last breath.

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