Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Donates 50 percent of his prize money to charity

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Manveer Gurjar won the Bigg Boss 10 after beating everyone’s favourite Bani J. He took home a glittering trophy and a cash prize of Rs 40 Lakhs. It’s indeed a big feat for Gurjar as he represented the commoner’s side and managed to emerge as a winner after battling it out with some famous celebrities and surviving in the house for 107 days.


According to the report, moments after winning the coveted prize, Manveer’s father announced that they would be donating fifty percent of the prize to Salman Khan’s charity organisation Being Human at the event.

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It was a tough fight between Bani J and Manveer, where many people had their bets on the former. However, beating all odds, Manveer was crowned the winner of the tenth season of the reality show. His best friend Manu Punjabi, another commoner, walked away with a cash prize of Rs 10 Lakhs.
This is not the first time that a winner has donated a chunk of the winning amount. Before Manveer, Prince Narula had donated Rs. 5 lakh to Salman’s foundation after winning his season.


Out of overwhelming joy and gratitude Manveer was quoted saying;

“Being a commoner, I did not expect to win the show as the house was full of celebs and influential people. However, my strategy was not to get afraid or influenced by them but to build up my image. So today if the audience voted me and made me a winner, it is because of my honesty and the real face that I projected in the show.”

A real noble deed it is, isn’t it?!!

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