Find out Alia Bhatt’s favourite sex position

“The classic missionary”X sex positionX VogueX magazine interview.X US presidentX Donald Trump

Vogue for their February 2017 issue has Alia Bhatt on the cover. She obviously is a stunning cover girl. However, what is really charming is her casual wit and demeanour she featured in the magazine interview.

In a series of questionnaires which she answered with her statement ease. When asked her favourite sex position, according to the report she replied saying, “The classic missionary”, as she is a simple person.

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Further, on asking, the first thing she will check if her boyfriend leaves his phone unlocked, she said:

I know the password to my boyfriend’s phone.

She was also asked what she’ll do if she met US president, Donald Trump and yet again she had a tongue-in-cheek response:

I’d build a wall so I don’t have to talk to him.

That is why this girl rules on millions of hearts!!

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