She throws her 2-Year-Old Down Stairs During Fight With In-Laws

A woman threw her sleeping two-year-old son down the stairs in extremely disturbing CCTV footage from a home in Delhi. She was fighting with her in-laws.
Sonu Gupta, 26, has been charged with attempted murder of her child in a complaint by her husband Nitin Gupta, a businessman.

The child, has suffered grave injuries. The Guptas say they installed cameras to capture proof of her wild behavior. The incident took place last Saturday but the family complained on Tuesday.

In the visuals, Sonu Gupta is seen shouting and getting increasingly agitated. She picks up the child sleeping next to her on the bed and rushes to the door and hurls him down the stairs.

Sonu Gupta’s mother-in-law said: “We were talking and she started fighting over property. While she was shouting, she pulled the child and said that I will kill him and frame all of you. She threw the child from the second floor to the first floor.”

The police say they are verifying the family’s allegations.

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