Why you should be proud of the Indian Republic

Chief Guests who visited India in the last 10 years on the Republic Day parade

As India prepares for the Republic Day 2017, this year the chief guest is Prince of Abu DhabiSheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This article gives glimpse about the last Republic Day Chief Guests of the last 10 years.

The fasinating story behind the 21-gun salute given on Republic Day 

The Republic Day traditions are so routine that every aspect of the grand event is carried out exactly in the same manner, with conscious discipline year after year.

26 Inspirational quotes that will make you proud this Republic day 


10 facts on the Republic day that you should know 

When the constitution of India was born, it was considered necessary by the makers of the document to celebrate it on a day associated with national pride.

26 things that happen only in India 

India is a spectacular mix of religions, traditions, people and landscapes and is a land of colourful festivals, breathtaking views and diverse traditions but there are some things which can happen only in India, have a look at these hilarious 26 things which happens only in INDIA.


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