26 things that happen only in India

X IndiaX hilarious 26 things which happens only in INDIA:
X IndiaX hilarious 26 things which happens only in INDIA:

India is a spectacular mix of religions, traditions, people and landscapes and is a land of colourful festivals, breathtaking views and diverse traditions but there are some things which can happen only in India, have a look at these hilarious 26 things which happens only in INDIA:

 1.Will you ever reach??

2.Hillarious Oxymoron

No one cares about gender.

3. Nothing official about it!!

Double entendres have no meaning here...

4. We simply don’t care

Neither do rules.

5. Labels are mere suggestions.

Labels are mere suggestions.

6. Animals too are super ignorant

7. Seriously!!!???

They *really* don't give a fuck.

8. Irony to be safe

Personal safety? Pffft.

9. Fuck modesty!!…. lets rock the life

Modesty isn't high on the list of anyone's priorities...

10. What are traffic rules??

11.Let the economy go to shit.

No one will care if the economy goes to shit.

12. Fuck decorum.. It’s trendy

No one gives a shit about decorum.

13. Chilled or Child??

Age is just a number to us.

14. Vainglorious is the fashion

Brands are for posers.

15. Technological advances don’t attract us much

We don't care much for technological advances.

16. Running out of job?? Try out different architecture…

17. Amazing for selfies

Or for rocks.

18. We can accommodate anywhere

No space, no problem.

19. Fascinated with unique Haircuts

Haircuts are the least of anyone's concern.

20. Creating own logos however we want

We design our logos however the fuck we want.

21. Creativity in advertising

We advertise however we want.

22. We can chill out anywhere and everywhere

23. Visa offered by prayers in temples


24. Scanty seats… No issues for us though

25. Protocols?? Who cares!!


26. Awww… Indians don’t mind who’s on the backseat


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