The UP Cliffhanger, what lies ahead

X UP electionX SP -CongressX SP Cong allianceX BJP and BSP
X UP electionX SP -CongressX SP Cong allianceX BJP and BSP

UP election is a question of prestige and power for all the major parties.
Ruling SP has forged an alliance to make sure that all those who want to vote for its secular credentials should not be split.

Muslim votes are the crucial factor in determining their electoral fate especially since about 100 constituencies in UP can swing with Muslim votes. SP -Congress alliance has caused discomfort to BJP and BSP to a great extent that was hoping to have a smooth ride in a four-cornered contest.

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The fear is that Muslim voters in the SP Cong alliance‘s may give an advantage to the coalition. Mayawati was hoping to swing the Muslim votes has played the same card by giving a large number of tickets to convince them that they she is only who could protect their right and privilege if they could vote them.

In case the Muslim vote gets split between SP Cong alliance and BSP it will be a sure shot advantage for BJP, which has put the battle of UP as a high-stake battle. For now, the UP is headed for a cliffhanger with no clear winner and candidates selection will also play a pivotal role as voters are smart and in assembly elections the choice of the candidate besides the party symbol matters.

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