‘These shoes can truly make any woman feel confident and sexy,’: Jennifer Lopez

named Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez.X Jennifer Lopez’sX Giuseppe Zanotti
named Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez.X Jennifer Lopez’sX Giuseppe Zanotti

The ultimate stylish superstar Jennifer Lopez’s latest project has her flexing her most fashionable muscles, teaming up with famed Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti to drop her own line of luxurious and stunning shoes — named Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez.

Nordstrom/Giuseppe zanotti x Jlo

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“As a performer, movement is very important to me, and it all begins with your feet,” the 47-year-old continues. “Whether I’m dancing and need a specific shape for certain choreography, or when I’m at an event and the height of the shoes completely changes my posture and walk, having high-quality footwear is not negotiable. Shoes go beyond simply accessorizing. They dictate how you carry yourself while wearing them.”



Zanotti agrees: “The corset-style heel is an extremely feminine and fashion-forward shoe,” he says. “When you look at it, you simply say, ‘Wow.”



As for why Zanotti says. “She is an icon and has a very unique style. She is feminine, sexy and extremely beautiful. I love the way she embodies my aesthetic in her own personal way.”

Nordstrom/Jennifer Lopez Giuseppe Zanotti


JLo’s shoes are a real style statement… what say??

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