These healthy late night snacks will suffice your midnight hunger

diet stuffsX BlueberriesX YoghurtX MilkX Nut ButterX Dark Chocolate

If you are in the graveyard shift in your worklife or even just relaxing watching some tv and suddenly your tummy starts rumbling, and the temptation to snack on something to curb the hunger kicks in. Here are some healthy diet stuffs which will suffice your late night hunger without getting you fat.




Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and are also great for weight loss which makes it ideal for a late night snack. With its high water content that helps keep you feeling full for a longer period of time, blueberries have lots of benefits, which include improving brain function.



Just add a drizzle of natural honey and some fruits and nuts if you’d like more flavour and texture to your snack. Yoghurt has always been on the list of healthy food, as long as it’s the unsweetened and unflavoured variety.



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We’ve all heard that a glass of milk can help you sleep, and this is absolutely true, and it makes a great late night snack/drink. Just warm up some milk , and you can add some honey too for a touch of sweetness.

Nut Butter


Instead of just peanut butter, try other alternatives such as almond or cashew. These nut butters go great with fruits; try apple or banana slices with nut butter. Delicious and nutritious, and it will make the munchies go away.

Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate has proven to be a great late night snack for those craving a little bit of a pick-me-up. Dark chocolate, both its taste and smell, has the ability to improve your mood.

Although these are healthy snacks, do remember not to go overboard.

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