Now you can get drunk in ‘GoT’ way in this bar in Scotland!

There’s a good news for all the Game Of Thrones fans, it is a Game Of Thrones themed pop-up bar opened in Edinburg, and it’s pretty cool.


It’s open in the medieval-looking, the candlelit basement of the Daylight Robbery bar on Dublin Street every Wednesday and Thursday night until the end of February, and it’s run by a company called The Pop Up Geeks.


The menu is crazy and the extensive booze menu based on George R.R. Martin’s descriptions of the various drinks that the characters enjoy in the books.


There are tonnes of posters in the bar and the organisers also play atmospheric, Celtic music that you could hear as you came down the twisting stairs to the bar.


There are cocktails like Myrish fire wine and Black Tar Rum cocktail. The wine is delicious and boozy.


Then you got to play with the props, including a replica of Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw.


At the end of the night, you should feel that you spent a night in a Game Of thrones show.


In short, the bar is epic AF!


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