Men can take fertility tests at home now with this new powered kit ‘Yo Kit’

The men who don’t want to perform fertility tests in front of the doctors and nurses and feel shy doing so, a new smartphone powered kit ‘Yo Sperm’ for home use that includes everything needed to collect a sample and is claimed to be accurate.

Yo Sperm kit was developed in US-Based technology company Medical Electronic Systems is a $50 male fertility kit that is Food and Drug Administration-approved for at-home use.

The kit includes a sample collection cup, a testing slide, a plastic pipette and a special liquefying powder. “The explosion of apps and wearables dedicated to optimising the chance of pregnancy is evidenced that people crave more awareness of their fertility status,” Marcia Deutsch, CEO Medical Electronic Systems said this, according to the reports.

The company claims that it is 97% accurate. “A mini-microscope attaches to a smartphone’s camera and measures sperm motility — the ability to move spontaneously and actively – and count, and even lets interested parties watch swimmers on their smartphone’s screen,” the report noted.


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