Murky, mysterious murders

Sheena Bora, Sunanda Pushkar, Aarushi Talwar, Jessica Lal, murder mystery
Sheena Bora, Sunanda Pushkar, Aarushi Talwar, Jessica Lal, murder mystery

Do mysteries interest you? Well, what about the death mysteries? It is not always what it looks like. Suicides, accidents can actually be murder.

We present you a list of such controversial murder/death mysteries that shook the nation and were in the court for many years. Some of them are still not solved.

1. Sheena Bora Murder Mystery:


Indrani Mukherjea murdered her ‘sister’ Sheena Bora? Really?

The former Star India CEO Peter Mukherjea’s wife Indrani was arrested on charges of murdering her ‘sister’ Sheena Bora who died in 2012.

The case looked like a simple murder case initially but the later statements turned the table around.

Indrani was arrested from her home in Mumbai, after her driver confessed that he had killed Sheena following his employer’s orders.

Police also arrested her first husband from Kolkata. Indrani’s chauffeur, 43-year-old Shyam Rai, too has been placed under custody.

This was not enough,

Sheena was Indrani’s daughter, not sister. Shocked?

She also has a son outside her marriage. Later, Indrani was married to a man who had businesses in Kolkata and Jamshedpur.

Sheena’s brother, Mikhail Bora also confirmed the fact that Indrani was their mother.

Many reasons behind the murder have been suspected but still the case is going.

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2. Sunanda Pushkar


It was believed that she was a disturbed socialite who was caught up in the web of high profile scams. She definitely knew what we did not.

Sunanda Pushkar was the wife of the Indian diplomat Shashi Tharoor and a businessperson.

She worked as a sales manager in the Dubai-based TECOM investment, and was a co-owner of the India-based Rendezvous Sports World.

Shashi Tharoor was allegedly in an extra-marital affair with a Pakistani Journalist, Mehr Tarar.

It was revealed by a controversial twitter incident. Just a day after, Sunanda was found dead in room number 345 of the Leela Palace hotel in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

However, Tharoor said that he found her body on 17th January, 2014.

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It was suspected that Sunanda committed suicide, but later it was revealed that the cause of death was unnatural.

Injury marks on her body in the autopsy report by the doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences proved that the death was not natural.

Sudhir Gupta, AIIMS doctor revealed that he was pressurised to give a false report on July 1, 2014. Later it was proved that she was poisoned.

The case is still pending.

3. Aarushi Talwar


This double murder in Noida shook India. The case still remains unsolved because of slow investigation and many loopholes.

The 14-year-old Aarushi was found dead on May 16, 2008. The parents discovered her body. In the early stage of the case the missing servant Hemraj was suspected but later his decomposed body was discovered on the terrace.

The suspicion shifted to the parents.

The involvement of media and spectators resulted in several versions of the case.

The investigation was closed without conviction. The parents then filed a petition to reopen the matter.

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Rajesh and Nupur Talwar were eventually convicted.

A movie starring Avika Gaur and Irfaan Khan will be released soon on the case.

4. Jessica Lal


She was working as a celebrity barmaid at a crowded socialite party when she was shot dead at around 2 am on 30 April, 1999.

She was a model who was shot dead while working in an elite party.

Dozens of witnesses pointed to Siddharth Vashisht, also known as Manu Sharma, the son of Venod Sharma, a wealthy and influential Congress-nominated Member of Parliament from Haryana, as the murderer.

In the ensuing trial, Manu Sharma and a number of others were acquitted on 21 February 2006.

Following intense media and public pressure, the prosecution appealed and the Delhi High Court conducted proceedings on a fast track with daily hearings conducted over 25 days. The trial court judgment was overturned, and Manu Sharma was found guilty of having murdered Lal. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on 20 December 2006.

A movie has been made on the case to depict what actually has happened.

5. Rizwanur Rahman


Earlier it seemed as a mere suicide case, but due to allegations of high level cover up and public outrage, a conspiracy emerged.

Love can cost a lot sometimes,

A middle-class computer graphic trainer falls in love with Priyanka Todi, daughter of the noted industrialist Ashok Todi head of Lux Hosiery Group, and later married her.

Rizwanur was forced to send Priyanka back to her father as he was not happy with the marriage.

On 21st September 2007, his body was recovered from railway track in Kolkata. Even after media pressure, no steps were taken.

Priyanka was last seen in 2013.

Was it really a suicide?

The case is still under investigation.

Power, money, love can keep you happy. Think again if you feel so.


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