Under Mumbai WiFi project, Maharashtra government declares 500 hotspots live across the city

Maharashtra Cheif Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced that under the “Mumbai Wifi” project 500 hotspots are live today across the whole city. Fadnavis tweeted that it is one of the biggest public WiFi projects in the world.

The government released the full list of 510 hotspots. It also launched a twitter handle @AS_MUMBAI_WIFI for support. Fadnavis also said that he is looking forward extending the service by installing 1,200 hotspots across the city by May 1, which is also celebrated as Maharashtra Day.

23,000 people used this service in the trial period of 6 days and consumed 2 TB of data.

He has already tied up with google to provide free wifi to travellers in 400 railway stations. By the end of the last year, it has already installed WiFi in 100 stations.


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