Now, women can carry small knives in Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro, small knives, women passengers
Delhi Metro, small knives, women passengers

New Delhi: Now women travelling in Delhi Metro trains can carry small knives, lighters and matchboxes to ensure their safety.
The decision was taken in the view of charges being regularly collected from women passengers in huge number by the security personnel.

A senior CISF officer said that women will be permitted to carry knives less than four inches, “We realised that small knives are not a threat to security but required by women for their protection.”

Apart from the small knife, women can also take lighters and matchboxes with them in the metro. However, only one lighter or one matchbox is allowed.

This decision was taken as hundreds of these objects were seized from passengers during daily screening. Labourers too filed several papers asserting difficulties caused to them due to the limitations.

The officials will manage a register of the accessories so the owners can be traced if needed.

The order to allow the objects in the metro trains was given by CISF in September 2016 after examining the security threat each item posed for commuters.

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