The Chavara family ditch the city to move into a village built by them

Mohan Chavara, Kerela,sculptor,
Mohan Chavara, Kerela,sculptor,

We have all wanted to be our own boss.We have all wanted to go on a break, away from our working life and never go back to working. However, for most of us, that’s just a dream that can possibly never come true.

But Mohan Chavara, his wife Rukmini, and his daughters Sreya and Surya have done what we wish to do. According to reports, Chavaras, along with 14 other families in Kerela, moved ahead from their old way of life to a more organic way of living. They have built their own houses, grow their own food and they also fend for themselves.

Mohan Chavara, Kerela,sculptor,

Mohan used to be a sculptor by profession, his wife the principal of a nursing school, and his children were in school. They soon decided to move out of the chaos of the city, and live in the raw and pure world.

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The family grows mud or wooden houses, poultry, goats, cows, pulses and fruit trees for consumption. The 15 families came in unison to purchase two-and-a-half acres of land, which was divided equally amongst them. The land was cultivated with fruit trees, pulses and vegetables.

Mohan Chavara, Kerela,sculptor,

Chavara says that the village is opened to everybody and it works on mutual cooperation. They have planned to build a guest house and even a community kitchen.

Sreya and Surya have dropped out of school to lead the natural way of life. Surya was a class topper in the the eighth grade and she says that it’s now that she finally feels like she’s learning something. Sreya, on the other hand, is dyslexic. Her teachers did not know how to handle the situation; however, she is thriving now.

Mohan Chavara, Kerela,sculptor,

Mohan and his family show us how courage and will power can lead to a simple and pure life.

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